In years past the Wonalancet Preservation Association has used a President’s letter to invite members and friends
to the annual meeting, and to provide news of preservation events within the WPA’s area of interest.
This year the board thought we would try something a little different, so we put together the newsletter you now
peruse. Our plan is to publish as a “news extra” whenever the situation warrants, to keep the editorial duties light
even if the result does not beam forth as a paragon of professional journalism, and to open the newsletter to
members who would like to contribute.
Where do we go from here?
The registration of the covenants is not just cause for
great celebration. It is also an opportunity for WPA to
turn its energies in other directions. Of course, there
may still be a few neighbors who are sitting on the
fence, interested in covenants but not ready to take the
plunge, and we must not forget about them.
But by and large, from now until the end of 2031, WPA
can take a breather. One idea that has been proposed is
that WPA should roll up in its chrysalis and re-emerge,
transformed no doubt, in time to start the next cycle.
Others have said that the WPA should become more of
a social organization, put on lectures and other events,
sponsor potlucks, and generally provide stimulating
opportunities for people to get together.
I think strengthening the social fabric of the community
is perfectly consistent with the long-term mission of
WPA. Our bylaws state: “We hope to maintain
Wonalancet as a physically beautiful, rural and
undeveloped location, so that the public may continue
to benefit from and enjoy the unspoiled bucolic, yet
wild, character of the area.” The accomplishment of
this large task will require many people working
together. Certainly we will bring differing talents, styles
and points-of-view, but as long as we share this
common vision of the future of Wonalancet we will
So, although the board has not finalized the annual
meeting agenda as of this writing, one major item will
have to be on there: Where do we go from here?
Please think about this, and when your thoughts ripen,
harvest some to share at the meeting.
Doug McVicar
“Bobcat in Winter” by Andrew Thompson
Andy snapped Lynx rufus crossing the Wonalancet
River in search of squirrels last winter. See this
spectacular shot in full color and more on Andy’s
website: wildlightimages.com
Convenant Registration Celebration & Annual Meeting
Sunday, August 10 at the Wonalancet Chapel
The Covenants are Registered! Come celebrate with us.
Community potluck supper in the grove starting at 5 PM.
We move inside at 7 PM for the Annual Meeting.
Letter from Wonalancet
Jean Chester has been lovingly scraping and painting the Wonalancet Chapel for several years. As she works,
she relishes the feng shui of the setting. Here, printed with permission, are some of Jean’s observations:
3 November 2006
. . . I think the inscription on the bell [“Believe the glad tidings.”] is a wonderful message – especially for
someone like me who is not particularly religious. The chapel has such a good feeling and aura about it and it
is truly a pleasure to help preserve it for the nextcurators. Not only did I have butterflies that stayed with me
all day but I saw bluebirds on October 30, raptors hunting in the field, deer watching me and these tiny gnats
that have white fuzzy abdomens, blue bodies and for lack of a better word look like tiny little fairies! You’re
probably thinking that I should step away from the paint fumes for a while, but at least you were there to
witness my pet butterfly!
Surf on over to Wonalancet.org, the nascent web presence of WPA, and see what you think.
Wonalancet.org is another agenda item for the Annual Meeting.
The site is very basic, by design – at least for the time being. Because of issues of privacy, and also of
resources, the board decided to start cautiously. So for now, all you will find there is our mission statement, our
governing documents (so you can check and see if you really do have to pay your dues in order to vote), and
minutes of recent annual meetings.
Many ideas have been proposed for the website. Website dreams and nightmares make a sort of projective test
of our feelings about the future of the WPA. For example, putting up a web gallery of Wonalancet art might be
a good idea because it would enable us to share the beauty we find here. Or it might be a bad idea because it
would attract outsiders to the area. Similarly, there are a number of small businesses in Wonalancet. Both the
businesses, and neighbors who could use the services or products of those businesses might benefit from an
electronic agora. Or would that be too commercial? In the past members have struggled to find information
about programs for open land, conservation easements, water quality and forestry. The WPA website could
feature recommended environmental documents and links. Is there a need for this today? For that matter,
should the website be open to share with all of cyberspace, or should it be closed or cloaked? If we do want
restrictions, how much is appropriate?