Wonalancet Preservation Association
Annual Meeting August 9, 2015 Wonalancet Chapel
Present: Doug McVicar, President; Directors: Ted Sidley, Maura King, David White,
Pat Read, Helen Steele, Nancy Stearns; Members/Others: Margaret Urquhart, Dennis
Collins, Barbara Sidley, John Carman, Ann Carman, Martha Chandler, Jack Waldron,
Vinton Thompson, Ruth Moscovitch, Heather Thompson Ryan, Amy Semmes, Ellen
Kramer, Steve Harris, Ian Cooke, Denney Morton.
Call to order: Doug called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m., following 4 p.m. hikes
on the three recently conserved properties (Ainsworth, Thompson/Moscovitch, and
Stearns) a 5:30 gourmet potluck in the Chapel Grove, a 6:45 celebration with LRCT’s
Don Berry and Peggy Merritt, and a slide show in the Chapel of the three
Wonalancet properties protected this year, Andy Thompson’s photos of kit foxes
born this year in Wonalancet, and Doug McVicars close-ups of pollinators at work in
a tiny patch of field near his house.
Welcome. Doug welcomed all to the Annual Meeting of the Wonalancet
Preservation Association and established that a quorum of members was present.
Introductions. Everyone present introduced himself or herself.
Minutes. The Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting were accepted as written. (David
White, Helen Steele)
Treasurers Report. Doug, in John Waite’s absence, reported a balance in the
checking account of $5,380.58. The Wonalancet Preservation Fund is held in a
Deutsche Bank FDIC insured account; the balance stands at $53,336.01, after a
keystone contribution of $20,000 (half a direct donation, and half matching funds,
all of which were used) to LRCT for the Ainsworth Tract purchase.
Election of Directors. Doug informed the membership of the resignation from the
Board of Nancy Stearns from her position as Board member and also from her
position as Secretary of the WPA. Board member Pat Read has agreed to assume the
role of Secretary. John Waite will stay on the Board for one more year. Doug will
conclude as President in August 2016. Pat Read reported for the Nominating
Committee that Ruth Moscovitch has agreed to join the Board.
MOTION: That the membership extend John Waite’s term on the Board for one year
and elect Ruth Moscovitch to the Board. (Helen Steele, Ann Carman)
Passed by unanimous vote.
Communications from the Board. Doug presented the following calendar that he
hopes will facilitate communication between the Board and the membership. Also
membership dues collection for the operating expenses of the Association (in the
summer) will be more clearly separated from a spring request for voluntary
contributions that would be for the Wonalancet Preservation Fund.
November Wonalancet Irregular Newsletter
March Annual Appeal: support needed beyond annual dues
July Annual Meeting Notice and Dues letter
Denney Morton suggested creating a category for Sustaining Members who would
designate a certain amount each month to be automatically withdrawn from their
checking account. Nancy Stearns suggested providing information in a Newsletter
about Planned Giving options.
Wonalancet Updates.
1. Helen reported on the Open Land Group’s meeting to discuss ways to support
pollinators and allow farmers to produce healthy hay.
2. Vinton encouraged later mowing for insect survival. He is delaying mowing
of his fields until October.
3. Doug pointed out that many fields in Wonalancet are managed only to keep
them open, not for hay production. Owners of these lands might be
interested in learning how to optimize management for birds, pollinators,
wild flowers, or berries. A new WPA project is to gather and make available
this information.
4. Martha and Denney spoke of the extremely invasive Japanese knotweed ,
which is increasingly present in Wonalancet. It is extremely difficult to
eradicate; the State of NH wants to control it with herbicide. This species is
somewhat controversial because, on the positive side, it is quite ornamental
and also excellent food for many pollinator species.
5. The Currier Cottage at 136 Ferncroft is for sale. This property many be
protected by restrictions placed in the deed a number of decades ago.
Other Items of Interest.
None identified.
Adjournment. Doug adjourned the Annual Meeting at 8:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Stearns,