Public Documents

Our Mission Statement

It  shall be the purpose of this corporation to preserve and enhance the natural existence of the Wonalancet area of the State of New Hampshire. The natural existence includes the physical features, geological and geographical, the biological features, including plant and animal life with their diversities, and people, in the context of nature. It shall be the purpose to maintain Wonalancet as a physically beautiful, rural and undeveloped location, so that the public may continue to benefit from and enjoy the unspoiled bucolic, yet wild, character of the area, and to exercise special vigilance to ensure that human activities and habitation do not diminish the natural assets of the area. Consistent with these goals, the purposes of the corporation also shall include encouraging and conducting social and recreational activities that fit with the purposes of the organization and the Wonalancet area.

Our Covenant Agreement

The WPA Covenant-community members contribute to our mission by committing their properties to protections defined in the Covenant document. Variances may be granted to individual properties. (PDF of Covenant document)

Our Corporate Documents

WPA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Any donations made to WPA are tax detuctable. Our 501-3c documant, Articles of Agreenment, and By-Laws can be viewed below.