Public Documents


In keeping with our mission, WPA is creating this library to inform our membership and the public about land preservation topics, with an emphasis on our locality and region.

Although we are not experts, we are actively engaged in preservation efforts within geographic area, and anxious to share our collected knowledge or to make referrals to more appropriate professionals.

Wonalancet Irregulars

The Wonalancet Irregular is a WPA publication that informs our community about topics of local interest. It is produced in PDF form and distributed to our email subscribers. Links to selected Irregular content are listed in the sidebar for easy reference.

New WPA Website

This website is still a work-in-progress. We hope that it will help WPA extend its mission, and inform its membership and our neighbors about our work.

In addition to the Resource Library, we will continue to explore how WPA can reach out to the community to support our efforts.

Look forward to links, calendar items, and articles about local and regional activities that contribute to the pleasures of living in this beautiful place.

We would be grateful to anyone who has photographs that can be used in various sections of the website.

Any ideas, suggestions, criticisms, or offers of participation are welcome and encouraged.